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Friday Food Clips: The Gifted But Troubled Composers Edition

2 Mar

Today’s Food Clip is from one of my favorite period films. Milos Forman’s Amadeus is most assuredly not a biopic, but rather a fictionalized account of enmity between classical composers Mozart and Salieri. In this lush production filled with shrill operatic notes, sky-high wigs, lustrous silks and brocades, and of course, one abominable giggle (see clip below), we witness Salieri’s descent into darkness as he attempts to bring a dissolute, spendthrift-of-a-genius Mozart to his heels.

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The Incredible Edible Marzipan: Play-Doh for Adults

29 Jan

Marzipan Pears and Lemons

I can’t remember my very first taste of marzipan but I know from an early age, that I was instantly hooked. My mom did her everyday grocery shopping at Giant, AP, and Safeway, but then there were a few trips a month to gourmet food retailers Sutton Place and Someplace Special. And it was at one of these gourmet retailers that I first begged her for a box of carefully selected modeled marzipan.

Maybe it was the doll house size or the exuberant colors of the marzipan that first drew me in, but the taste also captured me. It was perfumey and honeyed but with a slight bitterness and had a moist, tender and sticky core. For a small child, the charms of modeled marzipan were simply irresistible. Peeking through the glass display case and viewing the perfect lines of pastel-colored miniatures such as half-open pea pods containing, indeed, pea-sized peas, or tiny cats and rabbits with chocolate whiskers, and spotted mushroom caps, opened up a wondrous and fantastical universe for me.

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