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The Little Dutch Oven That Could: Soup for the Snow

10 Jan Cornmeal Dumplings Simmering

Today, I awoke at 5:30 am to discover the city of Charlotte blanketed by a pristine pre-dawn snow. I had been following the weather forecasts for the past few days, but I am ever a doubting Thomas, having grown up in precipitation-alarmist DC, and despite having lived through  last year’s snowmaggedon there. Sure enough, the meteorologists were correct and school was closed for the day. My feelings were mixed about a day at home. On one hand, extra time to relax, watch some TV (and write this blog) are welcome opportunities. On the other hand, I dread future lab make-up days that may be scheduled by  Johnny Wales for less than ideal times. (Today would have been our prep day for our practical on pies and tarts tomorrow.)

Ambivalence aside, I resolved to return to bed. But by that time, I had already eaten breakfast and was a bit restless. So I busied myself with some reading and other tasks. I watched the news reports promising sleet and ice for later tonight and the segment on pre-snow grocery shopping madness. Seems pasta was the biggest seller, which makes sense. Easy to cook, filling, and comforting on a cold day.

Just like the dumpling soup I made this weekend, a recipe from the January issue of bon appétit magazine. I’ve been on a bit of a vegetable kick lately. So when I saw this recipe for a hearty “southern-style” soup of cornmeal dumplings, with andouille and mixed greens, I couldn’t help but test it out. Dumplings definitely make good dinner companions in the snow.

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