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Hi-Rise Bread Company: A Corner Bakery That is the Real Deal

14 Oct

Last night, I got off the train at Porter Square to do a few errands, and on my way back home, I stopped in my tracks. It was getting dark, but the light behind a storefront’s papered-over windows attracted my attention. And then I saw the letters that spelled out “Hi-Rise.” Could it be related to Hi-Rise Bread Company, I thought (rather excitedly)?

I inched closer, trying to read the writing on the wall (or rather, the windows) without looking like a stalker. I saw a figure or two exit a door to my right, and then, as I was lurking, I noticed someone start to tear down some of the butcher paper from one of the inside windows. Yep, this was definitely a bakery. The bakery.

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It’s a Small World: Canning the Cupcake

13 Feb

For some reason, in this supersize nation, we prefer our burgers, fries and drinks big, and our desserts small. We are particularly smitten with one miniature dessert: the cupcake. The cupcake was once humble stuff, let’s face it. It was something a kid couldn’t mess up, and that was perfectly fine if made from a box, frosted any old way, with rainbow sprinkles in either foil or pink, yellow, or blue paper cups. But sometime in the late 1990s in the heart of the West Village, or so legend goes, the cupcake got a makeover.

I am not going to lie, I was crazy for cupcakes. In the beginning.

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“Oh, so you are slamming to Joni Mitchell now?” On Kitchen Soundtracks and X-Mas Baking

20 Dec

I woke up this morning with a holiday baking project ahead of me. My mom volunteered me to make cookies for a small group of her co-workers. If there is one thing that I can get behind during the Christmas season, it is definitely cookies and candy and cakes…and anything baked. For instance, one December tradition for me is perusing the Washington Post food section’s color photo-illustrated cookie “edition” and ruing all the recipes that I won’t get to test. I am not much in the “Christmas spirit” otherwise. First, I’m not Christian, so my version of Christmas usually involves Chinese takeout and a movie. Second, I have a phobia of large crowds, and don’t like to find myself crushed and stampeded during the open (shopping) season between Black Friday and January 2. My number one rule during December is to avoid the malls. Like a plague.

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