Friday Food in Film Clips: The 1980s Menacing Male Edition

10 Feb

In homage to Friday, and weekend movie-goers everywhere, I will be publishing monthly short and sweet posts on my favorite food scenes from movie and television. I’ll also continue to post my longer Food in Film reviews.

The Friday clips series came to me as a result of a weekly giveaway question that I posed on America’s Test Kitchen Feed. I was so entertained by the diversity of responses we received, that I thought, why not put this on Tortefeaster’s regular rotation?

To kick things off, I am going to start with scenes from classic 1980s films that I count as two of my absolute favorites.  These are both films that I have watched countless times; no matter what I’m doing, if I turn on the television and they happen to be on, I’ll usually stop mid-task and start watching intently.

1. Moonstruck–Bring me the Big Knife!

The 1987 Norman Jewison film that won Cher a Best Actress Oscar is as much about love as it is about food. Most if not all of the turning points for its cast of characters take place in a Greenwich Village Italian restaurant, at Cammareri’s pastry shop, the Cappomaggi’s Italian Provisions store, or around the Castorini dinner table. While it is abundantly clear to all of us that Loretta Castorini (Cher) could do much better than fiancé momma’s boy Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aeillo), it isn’t until she meets Johnny’s embittered bad-boy brother Ronny (Nicolas Cage), that she “snaps out of it” and realizes the error of her ways.

My pick is the explosive “big knife” scene that takes place upon Loretta and Ronny’s first meeting. Here, Ronny embodies the melodrama of the operatic characters that he adores.

2. A Fish Called Wanda–Fish and Chips

The spectacularly zany 1989 comedy A Fish Called Wanda begins with a jewel heist pulled by a most unlikely den of thieves, including Wanda Gershowitz (Jamie Lee Curtis), who is as crafty as she is curvaceous. The heist is not without its hitches, and Wanda quickly double-crosses her former lover and leader of the pack, George, in order to claim the jewels for herself and her new lover, the gang’s “congenitally insane or irretrievably stupid” weapons expert Otto (Kevin Kline).

My scene of choice involves a showdown between stuttering hapless assassin and die-hard animal lover, Ken Pile, and Otto. When Otto can’t extract the information he needs from stalwart Ken, he puts a uniquely repulsive spin on the English dish of fish and chips. You’ll never look at a fish tank the same way! To watch this clip, click here.


One Response to “Friday Food in Film Clips: The 1980s Menacing Male Edition”

  1. Sacha February 26, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    I’ve been very behind in the “blog world,” but I really enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing more. That Moonstruck clip is fantastic.

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