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Food in Films: Vatel’s Last Supper

14 Mar

For my Entremets and Petits Gateaux class, we were given the option of watching the 2000 Gerard Depardieu film Vatel for extra credit. If you like period dramas and lavish set and costume design, this might be one for you to Netflix, although it is not in the league of Impromptu, or Dangerous Liaisons or the Madness of King George. What follows is the text of the review I wrote for class. Warning: this review contains spoilers. Stay tuned for future Food in Film reviews.

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Minis, Memoirs, King Cake and Kinship: What I’m Reading

7 Mar

The good news is…I’m back! The bad news is that this is going to be a posting sans photographs. I am hoping in any event that you like me more for my brains than my beauty, LOL, since my photography sometimes leaves much to be desired. It has been some time since my last post (at least it feels that way), but not because of a dearth of ideas on my part. The last couple of weeks were awash in practicals and projects, papers and recipe testing, and then I spent 7 days reunited with my husband on vacation in a Saint Lucian paradise. Now I’m back in Charlotte, about to begin the last term of my pastry arts program. It is 39 degrees–sometimes reality is a cold wind after all. And of course, I am always ready to write….

I had some different threads of thought floating around today as I sat down to write, but I soon realized (happily) that all my ideas¬† relate cooking and baking to my other favorite hobby…reading.

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